The Gulf Downstream Association (GDA) was established by its founding members from Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI), Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). GDA is a non- profit organization aiming to bring Downstream players together to further develop the industry and draw benefits from knowledge sharing and best practices. GDA’s Headquarter is located at the GBCORP  Tower of Bahrain’s Financial Harbor.


Become an internationally recognized association that serves as a catalyst for the strong and sustainable growth of the Downstream Industry.

Core Values

Collaborate and network to promote knowledge sharing
Provide high quality services with best values
Promote innovation & continuous development
Foster excellence in all activities
Support & Champion sustainability as a priority
Strive to be a respected institution driving the downstream industry


Provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and best practices. This will be achieved by becoming a premier association in the region that connects the downstream companies, technology & service providers, consultants, professional entities, governmental organizations, and academic institutions


Provide networking foundation to address Business & Technical Challenges within the Downstream industry
Facilitate collaboration between downstream companies, government / investment authorities, and educational bodies
Collaborate with regional and international Technology providers, Technical Consultants and Professional bodies
Define opportunities for efficiency improvement & problem-solving
Enhance technical competency to international standards
Complement & Synergize between members & partners to drive innovation for economic & sustainable future
Advocate on regulations by developing & recommending common positions among founding member organisations
Supply industry development info and establish regional data/info resources
Utilize specialists’ areas of expertise to support & fuel knowledge