Single Point of Contact (SPOC) from Member Organisation 

  • Nominate SMEs
  • Link Corporate Business Strategy with GDA Objectives
  • Ensure the agreed minimum availability of the nominated SMEs and provide back-up/replacement, as and when needed, by negotiating with respective functional heads of the nominated SMEs
  • Resolve issues escalated by the Tech Committee Chairperson / GDA Technical Manager
  • Coordinate with GDA and facilitate access to corporate resources for achieving GDA goals/objectives.
  • Support GDA Technical Committees in developing ideas, proposals and new initiatives to benefit GDA members

          Committee Chairperson

  • Call for Committee meetings with proposed agenda (issued at least 7 days prior to the meeting) on regular basis (at least once a quarter) and whenever necessary in coordination with GDA Technical Manager
  • Complete respective Technical Committee Charter (as per the GDA template) in consultation with other committee members
  • Lead and jointly Develop Annual Action Plan and assign actions to the committee members, as per their expertise
  • Oversee Plan Execution
  • Monitor progress on all planned activities with respective action owners
  • Submit monthly progress reports to GDA Technical Manager
  • Review and endorse draft deliverables to GDA Tech Manager, ensuring that confidential / proprietary company information is not shared in public domain
  • Resolve issues raised by Committee members
  • Escalate unresolved issues to GDA Technical Manager and/or respective SPOC
  • Participate in technical preparation for GDA led / hosted events
  • Suggest additional SMEs from technology providers & consultants in respective technical stream
  • Ensure cooperation with other Technical Committees in case of common topics
  • Keep the respective team motivated

    Committee Members

  • Participate in all meetings called by the Chairperson. Alternate representation from the company is not permitted at Committee meetings
  • Recommend agenda items for Committee meetings. Review and comment on Committee agendas, minutes and other Committee activities as requested.
  • Keep his/her company informed about the Committee activities, as needed, and secure line management approval for the level of participation required in the Committee.
  • Contribute to the committee’s success with creative / constructive comments / suggestions
  • Work diligently on timely completion of the assigned actions/tasks.
  • Coordinate with other resources, as needed, within respective organisation.
  • Contribute regularly to technical Discussion forums / Lessons learned, Best Practices, Articles portals created on GDA Website.
  • Suggest courses / trainings in respective areas of specialisation to the classes organised by GDA

    GDA Secretary General

  • Resolve issues escalated by the GDA Technical Manager and SPOCs.
  • Make ‘Go’ / ‘No Go’ Decisions on strategic initiatives / actions.
  • Formally accepts (sign-off) the Technical Committees’ Deliverables.
  • Approve budget / expenses proposed by GDA Technical Manager.
  • Selectively attend Technical Committee meetings, as and when required.
  • Institute recognition scheme.

    GDA Technical Manager

  • Lead team-building sessions with all nominated SMEs
  • Develop GDA Technical Committee Charter template
  • Monitor all committees’ progress through their respective Action Plan and agreed KPIs
  • Co-ordinate with all Technical Committees’ Chairpersons.
  • Strive to attend all quarterly committee meetings.
  • Review and endorse all Technical Committees’ Deliverables.
  • Make studies and research for unresolved technical issues through in-house or external resources.
  • Resolve issues raised by Committee Chairpersons.
  • Escalate unresolved issues to GDA Secretary General and/or respective SPOCs.
  • Audit Technical Committees’ performance and recommend recognition.
  • Facilitate coordination with external entities (e.g. institutions, consultants, suppliers)

    GDA Technical Admin.

  • Provide admin support to GDA Technical Manager.
  • Manage documents / information sent to/received from Technical Committees in secured structured folders on shared server.
  • Maintain meeting calendars of all Technical Committees and resolve conflicts with other meetings.
  • Review all Tech Committees’ meeting agendas and advise GDA Tech. Manager of intersecting topics.
  • Follow-up on deadlines.
  • Arrange logistics for meetings.
  • Facilitate coordinate with external entities (Technology providers, Consultants, etc), as and when required